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How to Wash and Care for Cycling Apparel

How to Wash and Care for Cycling Garments

A favorite jersey with just the right amount of pockets, bibs with leg bands that do not squeeze too tightly, and gloves to match with a comfortable grip – the perfect cycling apparel is priceless. But, just like your favorite pair of jeans or a silk blouse, biking gear comes with plenty of “do and don’ts” when it comes to keeping it clean.

Hand wash or machine wash?

We actually recommend machine washing Liv apparel since nothing gets rid of trail grime and sweat, and sanitizes like machine washing. In addition, your synthetic fiber garments and even the durable water repellent (DWR) finishes on your outerwear have a “memory”. The heat of the dryer will bring them back to their original state and help make them fit and work better. In the long run, machine washing will actually help your apparel function better. Items like gloves or shoe covers are better air dried.