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How to Embrace Balance on the Bike and Make the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cycling is about Suffering, Recovery (and sometimes, Cookies)

with LENTINE ALEXIS, cyclist and professional chef

With cycling, learning to embrace the comfort and discomfort in balance is what keeps me pedaling. It isn’t about “earning” a treat, it’s about rewarding and refueling your body with what it craves most. Push hard. Eat the cookie. This recipe for ridiculously rewarding chocolate chip cookies will become your go-to post-ride.

“Riding isn’t easier, you just go faster,” said Greg LeMond. But, I swear these words are my own, I repeat them in my head so often -- over and over on rides here in the Rocky Mountains. When I first moved back to my hometown of Boulder in 2014, I remember my first ride up to the Peak to Peak Highway; the thoroughfare that bisects the foothills from the Rockies in our broad backyard, weaving its way into Rocky Mountain National Park and all the lung and leg crushing glory of the mountains therein. I found myself on the side of the road in tears, discouraged by the grade of the climbs, zapped by the altitude, exhausted from the wind. Shivering in the middle of the summer and longing for a big cookie. Or a hug. Or an Uber ride home. Or all three.

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