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At Trace Bikes we believe in keeping it simple and easy. We carry bikes and all the necessary gear to get and keep you moving day after day.

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I can’t thank Scott enough for an awesome bike fitting! After riding for 8 months with knee and neck pain, I scheduled a fitting with Scott, then rode 32 miles on the Trace with essentially no neck/knee pain. What a huge gift to my life! I’d previously paid for two fittings at other shops, but this was the first one that actually helped. Michelle was super helpful with gloves and clothes too. I’m a Trace Bikes convert.


What a great group! I can’t express how thankful I am for trace bikes. The owners and staff have been patient, kind, informative and so helpful. What a great mid life crisis I’ve had with the help form scott and Michelle. I owe my future to y’all!


I recently purchased a Giant TCX Advanced Pro2. After 12 days and approximately 150 miles, a truly awesome piece of engineering. It's the second bike I have bought from Trace Bikes in about 3 years and a MAJOR upgrade! The staff was, as always, extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you once again for an amazing experience.


We would give Trace Bikes an eleven out of ten on all the points you mentioned, particularly the staff they were very helpful and made our three days extremely enjoyable. We plan on returning to Nashville for future CMA weekends and will certainly use Trace again and recommend you to our friends as well.  

Wanda & Rich

For the last 15 months, I've been on a 48-state bicycle journey so am in bicycle shops regularly. During those travels, I've had two occasions to do business with Trace Bikes and have experience none better. Owners Michelle and Scott Turner are themselves avid cyclists, as are all other members of their expert team. Their store is well stocked, their prices are reasonable and they treat all customers with respect and compassion. Bottom line: They've earned my highest recommendation!


Scott and Michelle were great to work with in helping me pick out my first ever road bike. Really impressed with their personal dedication to their customers. Highly recommend Trace Bikes! Can't imagine there's a better place to buy in Nashville. 


Outstanding customer service! Came in from Kansas City and needed to rent a mountain bike for a friend who wanted to ride but didn't have his bike. The rental experience was top notch and it was a really good bike for the $$. When I realized I had left my shoes at home, they let me borrow a pair of flat pedals! Before that, they even entertained letting me borrow a pair of their personal shoes, but they were too small. Great shop with great people. Cheers form KC!


This is what a local bike shop is supposed to be. Amazing support, super nice people and the best gear you can buy at really great prices!


I am traveling and passing through Nashville and these guys helped me fix my bike and back on the road after I tweaked my wheel Georgia yesterday! Really nice clean shop with a large selection and friendly staff! The mechanic put his other projects aside to fix my wheel real quick and I am very thankful.


Tips, Tricks and How-To

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Power 101


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